2021’s Volume for your Restless Heart is the latest album from Tulsa rocker, Tony Romanello. Through the chaos of 2019-2021 he peeled back the layers of a past demo catalog and focused on refining a palette of raw energy and feel to color these 12 anthems. Pounding drums, driving bass, and musing guitars combine together in a raw warmth, with equal parts crunch and sheen. Purposeful lyrics tap into the current tension between the human condition and the modern world. ‘Rock’ is what this guy has been doing in one form or fashion for a long while, and this album embodies it: It punches. It screams. It embraces. It harmonizes. It wilts. It is meant to to be more felt than heard — all the while tightly pairing pop hooks with static riffs from this admitted (and proud of it!) fuzzed out rawker.

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Volume for Your Restless Heart (2021)


1. Antisocial Media [2:34]
2. The Real Answer to the Question [3:57]
3. The Mix [3:01]
4. Confessions of a Middleman [3:40]
5. Godspeed, You Restless Heart [0:57]
6. True Freedom come from Falling [5:37]
7. Ordinary Ways [3:39]
8. Television [2:15]
9. Dig [1:21]
10. Garage Reverie [2:10]
11. Glitter and Dust, Gold and Rust [3:13]
12. Be not Afraid [2:48]

Written, performed & recorded by Tony Romanello May 2016-Feb. 2021, Tulsa, OK. Mastered by George
Guerin March 2021 at DES Mastering, Dallas, TX. Art direction & design layout by Mark Bahlinger.
Special thanks to my beautiful family, Julianne, Michael, Monica, Peter, Joseph, Mom and Dad – you
guys are the most wonderful music in my life. Thanks to all my friends and family and everyone who
has stuck with us and provided support along the way.

All songs (c) 2021 Tony Romanello [BMI]


Contact info: 918-289-9679 email: tromanello (at) hotmail (dot) com