Movements is the latest release from Tulsa solo musician Tony Romanello. The long-time fuzzed out rawker returns, yet again, on the heels of 2021’s Volume For Your Restless Heart via this seven-song suite composed of equal parts static bliss and analog hiss. The rhythm drives, the bass pounds and the guitars crash. Layers of keyboards, quirky samples and commanding brass round out a modern-age wall of sound. Recurring themes, both musical and lyrical, push unsuspicious pop hooks to the verge of semi-prog territory before deconstructing into waves of distortion and feedback that bleed into the next track… and the next track… and the next track… The listener is sure to sail through the Movements.

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Movements (2023)


1. Now [Live Poet Die Poet] (4:47)
2. Modern World [Run to Win the Race] (4:08)
3. Sometimes [Anticipation] (5:35)
4. Through These Eyes [Documentary Film] (4:08)
5. Churchill at Harrow [Praise in Sterner Days] (5:50)
6. True [Soundtrack for Transistor Radios] (4:04)
7. Outro [Instrumental] (4:08)

All music and lyrics written, performed and recorded by Tony Romanello [BMI] © 2023. Introducing Michael Romanello, trumpet, as special guest musician on tracks 3, 4, 5 and 6. Recorded and mixed August 2005 through May 2023 in Waco, TX; Roundrock, TX; and Tulsa, OK. Mastered June 2023 by George Geurin at DES Mastering, Dallas, TX. Artwork design layout Mark Bahlinger May 2023.


Contact info: 918-289-9679 email: tromanello (at) hotmail (dot) com